The King David Warfare Center┬áhas a number of programs to enrich your tactics in spiritual warfare and joining up couldn’t be easier.

Use the contact form and let us know your interest and we’ll take care of the rest.


The School of the Generals

A spiritual warfare seminar. Usually held on a Saturday, with 6 hours of teaching. The seminar can easily be held at your church.

The Knights of David
An Army of Prayer Warriors who have bound their hearts and swords to this ministry. Warriors will receive a weekly lesson on Spiritual Warfare from the Armory of Faith. Enlistment is easy. Formation of this force to come shortly.

Children of the Living Sword
A Bible memory league promoting a deeper devotion to the Word of God

Platoons of Power
A network of Intercessory prayer groups in your area that recruits your help and participation. Send me the name and address of your Prayer Force and we will post it.


  1. Ronald Raper
    August 24, 2016

    Danny i am a Vietnam Veteran 67/68 11thacrblackhorse. I have been a Born again Christain since 1986 i stumbled upon your website. Look forward to hearing back from you.


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